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Considering today, it is a 40 years that started out in the name of real stability, transformed individual successes into corporate success, adopted the principle of investing in information and technology at the global level, and made stable strides on the basis of cooperation and trust. The pride of Turkish industry in the drilling industry; ACAR KARDEŞLER….

Acar KARDESLER, which sets its projection from the perspective of continuous improvement, unchanging quality approach and unconditional customer satisfaction, has always aimed for the better in its field since the day it was founded. As a result of the quality approach it has put forward, it has combined its professional employees and years of experience with its strong production infrastructure and carried it to today. At the current point, it successfully manufactures in 3 main groups, namely Geothermal hot water drilling machines, truck-mounted water drilling machines and trailer-mounted water drilling machines, in modern facilities with the latest technology at world standards. ACAR KARDEŞLER, which can produce drilling machines of all sizes and sizes, directs its works with the vision of being the Wanted Production Supplier in many countries.

Our company plans all these production, sales and after-sales processes based on the philosophy of Total Quality Management. It is a mission to create value for its customers and to offer their expectations with a quality approach above the desired, Quality, starting from raw material input, to sales and after-sales services. ACAR KARDEŞLER is a brand that sees as a whole as a whole and continues its activities with this professional business approach.

Our company, which constantly follows customer expectations, continues its activities with the vision of a happy future with happy customers with all its products. ACAR KARDESLER, who puts people at the top of the business, acts innovative with an international quality approach from its employees to its suppliers, from its customers to its dealers, continues its development with the strength it receives from those who prefer it.


Our company, which continues its intensive marketing activities, is happy to export to many countries of the world such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Qatar, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. It has reached a power with international accreditation. With its professional approach and corporate culture, enthusiasm, experience and entrepreneurial spirit, rational investments, love for life and people, ACAR KARDEŞLER DRILLING will continue to be the brand of innovations and firsts in its sector by increasing this development with the power and belief it takes from you.


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As a company, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service and offer them the most suitable solutions for their needs. While aiming to be a pioneer in the sector with our innovative approaches, we always strive to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level.